layout of books

— Some portfolio works

Remember that not any portfolios with samples of works made for clients can be judged impartially. The main things you can obtain from the portfolio are technical skills and ability to cope with tasks.

— Designer, imposer, photographer

Layout designer, artist-designer, photographer and Jack of all trades. I work professionally with Adobe CS6: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, AcrobatPro and have a great experience in such layout and design programmes as QuarkXpress and Corel. MS office is used upon necessity and as a result have an experience in MS PowerPoint presentations. I am constantly improving skills in web-design and html coding with use of php and java-scripts as it is interesting to know the inner side of a web-project. I have a long experience in working with Maс 9, Х and use a graphic tablet for work and drawing.

Extra qualities: I have an artistic flair and compositional style. Industrious, responsible, creative, can work under pressure. Up tempo and tendency to optimize processes are the results of success. The main skills in Layout I got in Moscow. However travelling helps to take into account both taste of Russian clients and foreign colleagues’ experience.

Once in Estonia I got the small size vessel license and in Russia as well. Driving categories A, B, C, D and driving experience in Europe by my own car.

In my free time I go roller-skating (skating in winter) and ride a bike. I am really into boating, windsurfing, traveling, reading, music and movies. I don’t have bad habits but like tasty food and interesting talking.


— Design and layout price

In my work the main accent is on the layout of books. It embodies artistic and design thoughts. Book layout as a part of an edition image meets the requirements as I have a 7-year experience in layout of books and breadboarding. Among the publications I prepared were account magazines «Glavnaya Kniga» and «Gk. Conference zal», newspaper «Knizhnoe obozrenie» and magazine about celebrities «7 Days».

I would like to make an accent on book page proof in particular. More than 70 books I prepared for publishing were from different spheres but most of them were for children. These books are the most interesting from the point of view of page proof difficulty. Many of them you can see in designer and maker-up portfolio. Below is the front page price in Moscow. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Polygraphy and outdoor advertising

Service name


Time for performance

Book make-up (1 type rage with illustration hadling)
100 rub
1 day
make-up (1 type rage)
50 rub
1 day
E-book make-up
upon agreement
1 day
Proof reading (1 page)
from 20 rub
1 day

Text translation (Rus-Eng, Eng-Rus; 1000 symbols or A4 page)

from 500 rub
1 day
Booklet, leaflet
500–6000 rub
2–3 days
1000–5000 rub
3 days
3000–9000 rub
4 days
Invitation, greeting card, certificate
1000–4500 rub
3 days
Billboard, city-format
1500–5000 rub
4 days
Banner, advertising transparent
1000–3500 rub
2 days
3 days
Business card
2 days
Model for media
1500–5500 rub
2 days
Plastic card
500–3000 rub
1 day
Photograph handling
50–1000 rub
1 day



Logo and company style

Service name


Time for performance

Naming (Company name, 15 variants)
3500 rub
2 days




1000–10000 rub
1–5 days

Company style (colour, print, headed note-paper, envelope, business card, paper folder, package)

5000–15000 rub
7 days
Brand book (instruction on company style usage)
7000 rub
4 days




Service name


Time for performance

Web-site design without programming*

6000 rub
2–3 days
Web-site as a visit card (4–6 static pages)*
10 000 rub
3–7 days

Company web-site with a control system*

30 000 rub
from 15 days

E-shop with a control system*

60 000 rub
from 20 days

Html letter (design e-mail letter)

2500 rub
1 day
Web-site support
10 000 rub
1 month
Domain name selection (10 variants)
1800 rub
2 days
Web-banner (flash, gif — animated)
2000–3500 rub
4 days
Web-banner (jpeg - static)
1000–2500 rub
3 days




Service name


Time for performance

Subject photographing


350 rub/1 shot

(1–15 names)


300 rub/1 shot

(16–30 names)


250 rub/1 shot

(more than 30 names)


1 day



1 day



from 2 days



Working out consists of 3 preliminary variants (models). The chosen model is being completed to the final variant. As a result you get a ready model for printing or using on web resources. Price and time might be corrected. It depends on difficulty, urgency and time spent.

— Contact me

Layout of books, polygraph, outdoor advertising, photographing, logos, company style, web design, SEO-advance, copywriting...
from an idea to realization.

We can contact at any convinient way you'd prefer. But better way is to write an e-mail so that I can see the whole task and working conditions. This way I can give you a detailed answer. You can also find extra information about me on the social web-sites.

Sell-phone: +7(916) 497-09-26
E-mail: info@vsh-art.ru
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